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Kootenai Vision Center Libby, Montana Eyewear and Optical Gallery The convenience and price of buying your next pair of glasses or contacts online could be an attractive offer; however, be aware of the problems that you could encounter while selecting the proper frames and lens combination or contact lenses from an online vendor.
  • Unlike the must-have pair of trendy jeans, purchasing the right prescription glasses should not be an impulse buy. Because each and every set of eyeglasses is a custom-fit item complimenting your face shape, your skin tone, and your eye and hair color, time and careful consideration must be given when investing in corrective eyewear.
  • With the many different styles, shapes, and materials available, it is easier than ever for you to select a frame that is tailored to fit your lifestyle. For instance, the highly desirable plastic frames are light-weight, fashionable, and comfortable to wear, features that are important to the sports enthusiast. The family of metal frames includes materials such as flexon, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum, which also serve different purposes to each individual wearer. So as you can see, with so many options available, making the correct choice could be an intimidating experience. Furthermore, to make the process even more complex, many web sites list frames by style number only, intentionally omitting details and color choices.
  • Because many varieties of lens designs and materials have been developed, you are no subjected to a limited choice of glass or plastic. When considering your new eyewear, your lens options could include multi-functional bifocals and trifocals; the durable and light-weight Polycarbonate, Trivex and High-Index lenses; convenient lens with features such as transitions photochromic, polarized, and tinted; and customized treatments including ultraviolet, anti-reflective, anti-fog, and scratch-resistance. With so many new lens products available, making the decision on your own could very easily become overwhelming. Relying on your eye care professional to help you decide which lens is best for you can help ease some of the burden.
  • To attempt to determine your Pupillary Distance Measurement on your own could be a challenging task. PD is the distance between the pupils in millimeters which is important as it helps the laboratory technician to accurately create your eyeglasses by lining up your pupil with the center of the lens. Precise measurements of the head and eyes will ensure proper fit to prevent pain, slippage, pinching, discomfort, and eyestrain.
  • Because of the many choices available, purchasing your contact lenses online could prove to be counterproductive. When doing so, you are faced with material types that include hard, soft, and oxygen permeable lenses; lens wear options such as daily wear and extended wear; disposal classifications such as daily disposable lenses, disposable lenses, frequent replacement lenses, and reusable lenses; and finally, vision correcting lens including spherical, bifocal, and toric. Once again, your eye care professional can discuss the latest in contact lens innovations making the process of choosing the correct pair a much easier task.
  • Another disadvantage to purchasing corrective eyewear online might include a product that best suits your needs being out of stock or being discontinued. In this case, the online vendor could be forced to substitute your brand preference or modify your fit without your doctor’s consent. Compromising should not be an option.
  • Overall, accuracy and quality are often traded for volume ultimately sacrificing customer satisfaction.
Not only will you be walked through the entire process of buying corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses through Kootenai Vision Center, but you will also experience these additional benefits.
  • You will be assisted by our experienced frame and lens specialist on the lens product that is best suited to your lifestyle based on occupational needs, level of activity, fashion preferences, age, etc.
  • Our eye care professionals can assist you in choosing the best frame that will not only compliment your lifestyle, your personality, and your features, but will also compliment your hand crafted lenses.
  • You will be presented with a variety of colors, favorite brands, hypoallergenic materials, and price. You will also be given options that affect the durability and weight of the frame. Each unique strength and drawback will be carefully explained to you.
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